Armor All

This news report details the arrest of a man who is such a racist that has tattooed a declaration to murder white people on his face.

maruse heath holding two revolvers

Hardly a poster boy for understanding and restraint.

The charges on which the racist were arrested are interesting to me.  Police justify the initial arrest because the suspect was wearing a bullet proof vest, something that is apparently illegal in New York.  I had no idea that simply walking around in ballistic armor was a crime!

While searching the suspect after the cuffs went on, they found an unlicensed and loaded firearm in his pocket.  Now that I was fully aware as being illegal in New York!

Any way you look at it, the suspect probably should have thought things through a bit more thoroughly before visiting the Big Apple.  Even so, I bet a great many supporters will come out of the woodwork and claim that the charges against the racist are nothing more than a witch hunt undertaken by racist police officers.

Why, it is racists all the way down!

2 thoughts on “Armor All

  1. Oh dear. Hopefully the young idiot will learn the error of his ways and become a fine and upstanding member of society.

    Well, one can hope.

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