Russian Finishing School

russian girls with aks

Most people would think the rifle is an AK-47, which is perfectly reasonable.  Sure looks like one, after all.

It is, however, an AK-74.  The main difference is that the ak-47 is chambered for a .30 caliber round, while the AK-74 uses a Russian copy of the 5.56 mm round US and NATO forces use.

How can you tell the difference? By the orange magazine.  The Russians deliberately designed the new AK-74 magazines to be visually different in order to avoid mistakes when grabbing reloads.

ak47 magazines

ak74 magazines

6 thoughts on “Russian Finishing School

  1. Interesting, but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate as far as that being the reason for the color choice. See here, and here

    The surest way to tell the difference between a 5.45 magazine and a 7.62 magazine is the difference in the curvature between them. The 5.45 magazines have a less pronounced curve than the 7.62 magazines. If you place them side by side it is very noticeable.

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