5 thoughts on “Nostalgic For The Beep

  1. Heh, if that photo had been taken back in my arcade days you wouldn’t have been able to see the Tetris machine for the mob of pizza-faced young men suddenly overcome with a puzzle solving urge. 😛

  2. Interesting link that, but darn am I feeling old!

    Not because of the dates the original games like ‘Space Invaders’ came out, I knew that they were ancient history, but from the fact the ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ is over ten years old!

    And I was thinking that it was fairly recent. -sigh-

    Of the old style arcade games I think my personal favourite would be ‘Operation Wolf.’ The game had an “Uzi” fitted to the cabinet. -g-

    • I just caught an episode of ‘Person of Interest.’ (IMHO it’s a rather enjoyable conspiracy theory thriller / ‘The Equaliser: The Next Generation.’) Anyway on of the games in the slide show had a “guest spot” on the show.

      It was a flashback to the eighties, and on a public library’s computer a girl was playing ‘The Oregon Trail.’

  3. I used to play some pinball, though I was never a wizard at it. I got pretty good on a couple of machines though. Couldn’t tell you which ones they were.

    I got pretty good at the original Asteroids, and Galaga. Space Invaders too. The 2 I liked best though, were Missile Command, and Tank.

    These day, you can play a lot of those old games on your PC, using the Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator – MAME. It’s a virtual machine that runs the actual machine code. Last I used it, my biggest initial amusement was that you had to hit a function key to trigger the coin insertion, in order to start the game. Makes sense, considering your running the real game code.

    If sufficient piles of money showed up, I’d probably try to find a good pinball machine.

    I haven’t been much of a PC gamer. But I enjoyed MechWarrior II quite a lot.

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