Borrowing From The British Raj

This is a Webley revolver, famous sidearm of the British Empire.

webley mk i revolver

And this is a Nirbheek, a revolver just introduced in India.

nirbheek revolver

Note the stirrup latch, which is the kind of swooping lever close to the hammer.  The revolver breaks open for loading and unloading, just like a Webley.


(Picture source.)

But there is a big difference.  While the British guns were usually chambered for the robust .455 Webley cartridge, the Nirbheek is chambered for a far less impressive .32 cartridge.

The new revolver is being marketed to women as a deterrent to rape, which seems to be a big problem in India.  If it wasn’t a major crime in that country to carry a handgun without a permit, and if it wasn’t so difficult and expensive to acquire a permit, then small guns such as this might just be worthwhile.  As it is, I’m pretty sure anyone who can afford this gun can also afford to hire professional bodyguards.

Another barrier is one of price.  The Nirbheek is selling for about $2,000 USD, but the average yearly salary in India is about $1,400 USD.  I suppose the manufacturer, a state owned official armory, can get away with that considering that only rich people can legally own guns there.

I mean, holy crap!  Two grand for that little gun!  I can afford to build a racegun for that kind of cash!

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