Above The Law

Glenn brings us a news article concerning an anti-gun advocate who campaigned hard for a law which would make it a felony to enter school grounds with a gun.

dwayne ferguson, anto gun advocate

(Picture source.)

As you might imagine, this freedom destroying buffoon has been caught bringing a gun into a school!

Click on that last link and read what friends and supporters of the criminal are saying.  “Just an honest mistake!”  “He didn’t mean any harm to anyone!

Something tells me this tool will never do any jail time.  If it was a Conservative gun rights advocate in  his shoes, I bet the same poeple would be screaming for his head on a pike.

3 thoughts on “Above The Law

  1. I hate to use the term liberal, because there are so many people of all political stripe who believe that laws-should-apply-to-others-but-not-to-me.

    They have been described as philosopher-kings and they believe they truly know what’s best for the rest of us. They remain blissfully unaware that they are hypocrites. Their fame, real or imaginary and pumped up by media willing to pander to them for the sake of sales, insulates them from the world “ordinary” people populate.

    I personally believe that the unknown, trained and armed adult is the best deterrent and stop gap measure we could have in schools.

    In some circles it’s trendy to talk about honor. The question is how does one accrue or become honorable? The simplest approach is to consistently do what you say you will do. It’s unfortunate that Mr. Ferguson is unable to walk that path.

    It’s a bigger misfortune that so many people are unable to see this.

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