For Those Who Are Interested In Futures Past

I came across a mostly Russian language blog named Retro-Futurism.  It celebrates old visions of what the future was supposed to bring.

free falling outside of the spaceship

Amazing pictures of the lives we would lead, just as soon as THE FUTURE finally arrived.

For some reason, THE FUTURE was going to be populated mainly with extremely attractive women!

actress on the set of the british tv show ufo

That young woman is clothed from ankle to neck in perfectly opaque material, but I am still unsure if the picture is entirely safe for work!

Why is she carrying four spare cartridges of .454 Casull ammunition on her belt?  Apparently the future was a dangerous place!

It also seems to be littered with machines that don’t understand the concept of “personal space”.

1960s three wheel concept car with model

I always give my dog a smack on the nose when he does that.

Looks like a programming glitch to me.  Since the machine has no idea about personal privacy, maybe the operating code was written by the NSA!

Anyway, I recommend the site if you find the subject to be of interest.

6 thoughts on “For Those Who Are Interested In Futures Past

  1. That’s a fun little site James. Thanks for the link.

    I can see what you mean about NSFW though; okay it’s definitely NOT porn, but three pages in a came across Ripley/Sigourney Weaver changing into her space suit . . . -sigh-

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