Terrible Gun Safety Practices

The artist rendering below shows some of the most flagrant flaunting of gun safety rules I have ever seen!

cartoon woman firing rifle

(Click on the pic for a larger version.)

Notice the targets set up on the right side of the picture, the ones that she has turned her back on.  So what is she shooting at, the firing line?

She is pointing the barrel of the rifle at a downwards angle, which makes me think she is aiming at something crotch level.  A former boyfriend who fooled around with her best friend, perhaps?

No hearing protection, no eye protection, and she is wandering around a shooting range in high heels.  The stock of the gun is jammed into the crook of her arm, instead ot being anchored against her shoulder.  She’ll be lucky to hit an eighteen wheeler at a hundred yards with rifle handling technique like that!

And what is it with that wind, anyway?  It is strong enough to blow her skirt straight out like a flag, and yet it appears she is visiting an indoor range!  I know health and safety rules dictate that the shooting area has to be vented to the outside air in order to avoid the build up of lead dust, but this seems a bit extreme!

None of my students would be engaging in shenanigans like that, with their legs hanging out in the breeze.  Considering a fair number were elderly, I count that as a good thing!

4 thoughts on “Terrible Gun Safety Practices

  1. Weird sort of picture.

    It appears that the artist (animator?) went to a deal of effort to get the rifle looking right, I think it’s an Accuracy International AW mode (I think) and then got everything else wrong.

    Hmmm . . . Some background on the subject would be interesting.

    I mean is she a young ingénue who has picked up a rifle for the first time ever, and will likely get a first rate case of snipers eye when if she fires it from that position?

    Or is she a cyborg assassin who is effortlessly placing a shot where it will ricochet off three different walls before finding its target?

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