Why Didn’t He Just Twist It’s Head Off?

Strange story about a housecat which went berserk, scratched a baby in the face, and then attacked the entire family.


So what does the head of the household do?  The guy who is responsible for the safety of his young child and domestic partner?  Why, he barricades his family in the bedroom, and cowers behind closed doors while dialing the emergency number to summon police!

swat team and kitty cat

How in the world did this guy manage to get his girlfriend pregnant when he doesn’t have any testosterone?

From the same news article linked to above, this is a Facebook picture of the doting dad with his child.

man who allowed kitty cat to get the better of him

It is like I have always said, tattoos don’t make you tough.

The man in question seems to be a caring individual who is concerned for the well being of his family, and for that my hat is off to him.  I also note that the cat in question weighs in at 22 pounds, which is very large for a house cat.

But, that having been said, it is still a house cat.  If this guy is such a loving father, why would he allow the animal to live after it attacked his baby?  At 22 pounds, I figure there would be enough hide to make a furry cozy for the toilet seat if any kitty cat was unwise enough to bare claw at my child!

fur toilet seat cozy

I offer free instruction in self defense techniques to those unfortunate souls who suffer violent attack.  This does not qualify.

5 thoughts on “Why Didn’t He Just Twist It’s Head Off?

  1. We had a 20+ pound cat and a couple of times in his life he got distressed enough to go into full fight mode.

    You do *not* want to get involved with a cat like that – even a smaller one.

    We just did the proper thing: work him into an area we can close off and leave him alone for a while.

    When we did have to deal with him in an upset state (vet visits mostly) we just threw a towel over him. Last visit the vet had to come in (we used a vet that comes to the house) and hit him with a sedative, but very little blood was shed so overall a victory. Poor kitty had PTSD from having gotten scared when young. He was a great cat and we still miss him, despite his occasional issue.

  2. Big ass cat attacks my kid? I DO want to get involved. Gun, bat, machete or blanket followed by trip to pound. Whatever is at hand.

  3. Saw an update: kid pulled cat’s tail, cat swatted kid. Minor scratches, situation over, right?

    Nope. Dad kicks the cat and sets it off.

    End result, cat will get therapy for as long as needed, dad will get mocked for life (at least).

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