A Crushing Weight

This news article from 2011 claims that a fully equipped police utility belt weighs up to 40 lbs.

portland police utility belt

So how much does a full suit of plate armor weigh without the helmet?  About the same.

suit of plate armor

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  1. KCSteve says:

    Interesting – looks like the belt is set for a left-handed officer (pistol is set on left).

    Plate armor restricts mobility more, a heavy belt shouldn’t put too much strain on the back, just tear up the legs / knees.

  2. knirirr says:

    I weighed my WW1 gear and found that it is of similar weight, not including the rifle and ammunition.

  3. In one of Jim Dunnigan’s books he lists all the stuff that a US rifleman has to carry into combat, and it’s something like 70 pounds.

  4. Fruitbat44 says:

    Apparently one of the tests of the medieval knight was to lay him on his back, in full harness, have him jump to his feet,, run a hundred yards and vault into the saddle of his warhorse. Tests back in the sixties show that is possible to do this.

    Anyway a rig shown above weighing in at forty pounds? Wow. I’m guessing that any kit advertised for the police market in the near future will give pride and place to the word “lightweight.”

    • knirirr says:

      I’m reminded that in the 1914 regulations the instructions for getting up from the prone position indicate that one should use the rifle as a support. Having tried it, I can understand why. Unfortunately for the police this would not be an option available to them.

    • James Rummel says:

      ” …a rig shown above weighing in at forty pounds?”

      I’m not so sure it is that heavy. Note that I was careful to attribute the figure to the article.

      It is possible, I suppose.

  5. Richard says:

    My last duty rig with a SIG P226 came in at 35 pounds. That did not include my backup gun or vest. I’ve got the permanent back pain to show for it.

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