It Is A Small World

I discovered that my local grocery store stocks Jammie Dodgers.

jammie dodger biscuit

Two shortbread cookies with jam in the middle.  Or, as the people in the United Kingdom might say, “Two shortbread biscuits with jam in the middle.”

Baked in Wales, shipped across the Atlantic, and then trucked across the United States to Columbus, Ohio.  Two bucks a box, which seems more than fair considering how far the little guys have come.

The latest incarnation of Dr. Who keeps mentioning these snacks, so I figured I’d buy a box and see what all the fuss is about.

dr who with jammie dodger

They are very good!  Worth eating.

I’ll have to go buy more in a few days.

8 thoughts on “It Is A Small World

  1. Wow! You mean we in the UK still export stuff! -g-

    I have observed that Matt Smith must be on the Christmas list of every bow-tie manufacturer in the world.

    Now he would also seem to be on the makers of jammy-dodgers Christmas list as well. -g-

  2. I once had a parrot which was terrified of these biscuits, despite a fondness for similar foods, if it could steal them. Perhaps the biscuit’s resemblance to a sinister, red-pupilled eye was what caused such terror in the poor bird whenever it was shown one.

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