Bearded Axe

bearded axe leaning against tree

(Picture source might be NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

well sharpened bearded axe

(Picture source.)

red hot bearded axe on the anvil

(Picture source.)


(Picture source.)

girl with bearded axe

young model with bearded axe

(Picture source.)

I don’t think the women pictured in the last two photos have the proper respect for their deadly weapons.

7 Responses to “Bearded Axe”

  1. Sam L. says:

    The one in the white dress is a snare just waiting for someone to come close enough…

  2. Fruitbat44 says:

    Interesting images there James.

    I agree with Sam L. about the girl in the white dress, as to the red head . . . hmmm . . . she looks like she’s enjoying herself.

    Actually she puts me in mind of Ygritte from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ -g-

  3. Windy Wilson says:

    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks.
    And when she saw what she had done,
    She gave her father forty-one.

  4. Jeff Soyer says:

    Windy, you forgot the second verse:

    Close the door,
    Lock and latch it.
    Here comes Lizzie
    With a brand new hatchet.

  5. Pa State Cop says:

    Because White shows the Red Oh so well. 😉

  6. "lee n. field" says:

    The girl in white leaning on the ax makes me think that two of my nieces (about that age) ought to have one this Christmas.

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