Bad Tidings

The volcano of Hunga Tonga erupted recently, forming a new land mass between two islands.

Hunga Tonga island after volcanic eruption

That looks familiar.  What does it remind me of ….?

model of a romulan bird of prey

Holy crap!  This was no volcanic eruption!  It was a crash landing!

This just proves that the Federation is never around when you need them.


3 Responses to “Bad Tidings”

  1. dave a says:

    spinal column vertabra

  2. Fruitbat44 says:

    Really need to flip the islands over to see if there’s a big bird of prey painted on the underside.

  3. “Hunga Tonga” sounds like the kind of name that someone like Friz Freleng would have made up for a cartoon back in the day.

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