Anyone An Expert In Historical British Uniforms?

triumphant pistol team circa 1900

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I came across this picture on the Intertubes, and thought it was very interesting.

Okay, so I thought it was a compelling image.  What is the story behind the photograph?  I have no idea.

If I had to speculate, and I am about to speculate even though I don’t have to, I would say that it is a British Army pistol team circa 1900 or so, posing with the trophy they won.  That is why I am hoping that someone reading this is interested in the history of British uniforms.  I’m certain there is a great many details to be gleaned from the insignia and gear that would help nail down the where and when.

Lastly, please take a look at the officer seated on the left side of the photograph.  Note how his hands are blistered and peeling.  Something tells me that he was recently operating in a desert, where the only part of his pale skin exposed to the sun was his hands.

6 Responses to “Anyone An Expert In Historical British Uniforms?”

  1. knirirr says:

    There appears to be some information here, though whether it is accurate I cannot say.

  2. James Rummel says:

    Thanks, knirirr!

  3. All I could tell from the photo is that they were horseman, and that it wasn’t ca 1900 because none of them had facial hair. The description knirirr sends us seems at least plausible.

  4. The two guys in the middle in the back seem to be pointing their guns at the two outer guys, and they have their fingers on their triggers!

  5. The officer bottom left front,sports the badge of the 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers (1901 – 1922) in his pith helmet. However this photo is of the 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales own) Pistol Team in Cairo, Egypt with the Duke of Connaught’s Cup in the 1930s. Revolvers of course are .455 caliber Webley MKVIs

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