Raising Daughter Right

August 3rd, 2016

pink plastic knife

pink toy shotgun

Stabby, stabby!  Pa-chow, pa-chow!



Thanks to reader Sam L for doing the research on this question, or at least punting it to someone who knows.  It seems that there are, indeed fully functional pink knives to be had.

I’ll Bet You A Coke You Can’t Use This Without Breaking A Finger

August 2nd, 2016

sure to break a finger

$12.95 USD to own, and another $300.00 co-pay for the emergency room visit so the nurse can splint your pinkie.

WTF Is That?

August 2nd, 2016

forearm knife

$18 USD and it is yours!

Any Neal Stephenson Fans Out There?

August 1st, 2016

He is in here.  Just keep scrolling.  Use the arrow keys.

Something For Steven den Beste

August 1st, 2016

Steven den Beste would love this picture

b&w anime girl

one eyed anime girl with sword

anime girl with knife and gun



Annals Of The Iron Throne

August 1st, 2016

the iron throne

I once considered writing a book about how I gained The Iron Throne, but reconsidered when I realized it would stink.

Over Extension

August 1st, 2016

I received an email with a question.

“I’m thinking of increasing the firepower of my carry gun.  What about extended magazines?”

Okay, extended magazines.  What is the question, exactly?

Just so we are all on the same page, autoloading handguns are designed to have magazines of a certain length.  The idea is to have the bottom of the magazine flush with the bottom of the grip.

beretta m9

There are some exceptions to this very broad and general rule.  Smaller guns designed for easy concealed carry often have little pinkie rests on the bottom of the magazine in order to help in controlling the firearm.

What in the world am I talking about?  You can see it in the pics below.  First there is a magazine with a flat floor plate, which is what the bottom part of a magazine is called.  Then there is a magazine with a floor plate that forms a finger rest.  The last picture shows one of my old guns fitted with such a magazine.

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This Won’t Be Very Popular For Long

July 9th, 2016

Thanks to long time reader Greg for the heads up on a really stupid fashion accessory.

gun shaped phone case

Click on the link to read more, but the genius who owned the phone case was caught trying to pass through security at London Stansted Airport in the United Kingdom.

You know, the UK.  Where selling even a plastic toy molded to look like a real gun is a serious crime.



Choo Choo

July 4th, 2016

At one time, this was the fastest mode of travel on the planet.

That picture appeals to me for some reason, probably because I spent many years running the Call of Cthulhu role playing game.  The original rules are set in the 1920’s, when personal automobiles were first becoming widespread but there were few roads between cities.  If you needed to travel any significant distance by land at something faster than a walking pace, you had to buy a train ticket.

Old technology though this is, for some reason people nowadays assume that outdated tech was simple.

Not hardly!


(Click pic for bigger version, picture source.)


UPDATE:  Many thanks to Ritchie for supplying us with an account of the good hard work needed to get a steam locomotive ready to move.

You Kind Of Have To Pick And Choose

July 4th, 2016

On June 11, 2016, a mass shooting occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando.  A single individual was responsible, one who had carefully planned the attack.

Since that time, I have encountered numerous articles online from security experts that discuss what someone should do if they should find themselves in such a situation.  All of them contain useful tips, but only about avoiding a mass shooting event.  None of them have actually addressed what to do when confronted with an armed murderer in a public place.

The primary thing to keep in mind is that the articles in question start from the premise that the reader is unarmed, because the logical thing to do if one has the means to fight back is to do whatever they can do force the shooter to stop.


What do the experts recommend if you should find yourself under the gun?  Depends, really.

Some of them suggest that you try to hide.

hiding under an office desk

Some of them suggest you try to find some sort of room where you can barricade the door so the crazed gunman can’t get in.

high school kids barricade door

The last suggestion is the most impractical.  You are supposed to attack the gunman, from ambush preferably.

attack gunman as he enters room

The reason why all of these suggestions are almost probably useless is due to the fact that most of these killers take a great deal of care planning the attack. They pick the time and place, and ferret out all of the possible hiding places long before.

The reason why they go to such great lengths is because this is going to be their big moment, they are going to go out in  blaze of glory!  They aren’t about to let someone get close enough to bonk them in the head with a shopping bag full of soda cans.  One might as well go ahead and give it a try if they are going to die anyway, but I really don’t see too many active shooter situations which get resolved by someone grappling with the criminal.

So if expert advice can’t really help when one is up close and personal with the shooter, what part of these articles do I find useful?  The section that discusses running away.

mall shooting stampede

This all boils down to the old saw about being aware of your surroundings.  Keep an eye on the flow of the crowd.  Look for anyone who catches your eye as being out of place.  Figure out where the exits are, and keep as close to them as possible.

exit door

Just about every survivor of an active shooter situation describes the opening salvo as sounding like firecrackers.  “I thought it was firecrackers!” they say in interview after interview.  The obvious thing to do is, should you hear firecrackers and you weren’t aware of a fireworks display that had been scheduled for that day, is to grab the loved ones and boogie out the exit door.

Or you could just refuse to frequent public spaces that ban legally carried self defense tools.  That is what I do, but I have to admit that it is a pretty easy thing to do since I moved to Texas.